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Public Relationship

Public Relationship

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The backbone of great brand building is Public relations. Digital Consociates is committed to designing the best PR campaigns with great clarity.

Why Do We Need Public Relations / Press Release Services?2022-09-28T11:00:52+00:00

Public Relations Helps To Tell Your Story, Differentiate You From The Competition, & Provide A Stream Of Ideas For The Media Who Are Always On The Hunt For Content That Speaks To Their Audiences.

Does Public Relations Drive Marketing, Or Does Marketing Drive Public Relations?2022-09-28T11:00:52+00:00

The Line Between Marketing & Public Relations Has Blurred In Recent Years, But There Are Still Differences Between The Two.

Marketing Creates Demand For A Product Or A Service, While Public Relations Builds Trust With The General Public & Key Stakeholders.

What Is Public Relations?2022-09-28T11:00:52+00:00

It Is Nothing But A Professional Maintenance Of A Favourable Brand Or A Person’s Image By A Company Or Other Organisation.

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