The Cyber Security Professionals Continuously Defend Computer Systems Against Different Types Of Cyber Threats.

The Types Of Cyber Security Threats Are:

  • Malware.
    Malware Is Malicious Software Such As Spyware, Ransomware, Viruses, And Worms.
  • Emotet.
    Emotet Continues To Be Among The Most Costly And Destructive Malware.
  • Denial Of Service.
    A Denial Of Service (Dos) Is A Type Of Cyber Attack That Floods A Computer Or Network So It Can’t Respond To Requests.
  • Man In The Middle.
    A Man-In-The-Middle (Mitm) Attack Occurs When Hackers Insert Themselves Into A Two-Party Transaction. After Interrupting The Traffic, They Can Filter And Steal Data
  • Phishing.
    Criminals Want To Trick You Into Giving Your Information To Them – This Is Known As Phishing. They’re Hoping That You’ll Click On Fake Links To Sites Or Open Attachments, So They Can Steal Data Or Install Malicious Software. Malicious Emails Account For Nearly Three Quarters Of Security Breaches Or Attacks. 
  • SQL Injection.
    A Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection Is A Type Of Cyber Attack That Results From Inserting Malicious Code Into A Server That Uses SQL. When Infected, The Server Releases Information. Submitting The Malicious Code Can Be As Simple As Entering It Into A Vulnerable Website Search Box.
  • Password Attacks.
    With The Right Password, A Cyber Attacker Has Access To A Wealth Of Information That Might Ruin All Your Work.